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About Me

Hi, my name's Brandon, though most people address me as “Keefer,” my last name. I'm a curious developer that enjoys the process of learning.

My interest in coding sprouted from being involved in the iOS Jailbreak community. I've been jailbreaking since I got my first iPhone, a Space Gray iPhone 6, back when I was a sophmore in high school. I always wanted to make the cool and creative setups I'd seen on YouTube videos.

My fascination with jailbreaking and theming my iPhone didn't lead to me truly embarking on my coding journey until 2020, when I was inspired to create and publish my own widgets. I started off tinkering with the CSS of other creator's widgets.

That eventually snowballed into me gaining a solid understand of HMTL, CSS, and JavaScript so I could craft my own experiences and share them with the community. It was super fulfilling to bring about experiences that rivaled the incredibly unconventional and creative stuff my android peers were making.

My involvement in the jailbreaking scene wasn't my first exposure to coding though. I started off with Java, learning the core principals of programming through pursuing a Computer Engineering degree at the University of Memphis.

I became disinterested in having to calculate circuit voltages and the overall college experience partway through my degree. I wanted to pursue a career as a software engineer, so I withdrew from college. I eventually ended up at CodeCrew, where I was able to hone and sharpen my coding skills while also becoming a better communicator and leader.